Adrenalin Ghosts

Blackness. Slowly rising through the water, looking down into the darkness, small fragments of orange saffron cloth drift into view and vanish into the distance. Shallower water, and an arm appears, detached, then a leg, finally a head floats down, into the depths.

I am on holiday in London. There is a boat trip. the boat is like a huge inflatable mattress, or maybe a hovercraft. I buy tickets for myself and friends. We clamber aboard and the hover boatress slides up a ramp, across a main road and down the other side into a narrow walled canal. It is bumpy, a bit like white water rafting, we slide along and around and down through various channels. We slide into a lock, and I step off to take some photos. Only this is not a lock. as it enters the hover boatress is punctured, and a thin frame supports my friends, then they are compressed from above and gone. I look down to see ashes and remains under the water. “We don’t like no mess” says the captain.

I run down sandy turning tunnels to escape the madman. I have a small knife, and cut him on the arm when cornered. At this, he transforms into something mongoose and platypus like, with a head at both ends. Growling, he devours me.


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