Blue Bird of Happiness

A huge blue bird is covering me, mothering me, as I sleep by a river. The bird transformed into two small dolls of parents. These grew. I was then their doll. The mother offered to look after me until I found my own definition of mother. I was sad that she was a surrogate. 
Blue Bird?
I am walking through Tiverton and have deja vu from another dream. I’m going to visit a friend but instead sit under a bridge, drinking. I walk back to town for a better view, cutting through a netball game. 
There is concert in a hospital ward, a full orchestra. The conductor/surgeon eats a patients sweets. She isn’t happy. I am snogging a nurse in the audience. I can’t find her as the seats are being disassembled at the end of the performance. Leaving the ward, flying to get ahead. A beautiful girl beckons me but is out of reach. We catch each other and hold fast. She says I am all emotion and no brain. 

What do you think?

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