DJ Hitler

I am with friends, trying to escape from enemy territory. We are befriended by partisans who want to take us shopping, then start shooting at us. No option but to make a run for it, I use myself as bait so the others can escape.

 I’m sat on a long bench with Jack Henley and Kriss Kross. We stick our bare feet in a line and wiggle our toes to make a six foot wave. Others join in, making a long line of feet,then link hands and collapse on top of each other laughing. Oriana is upset I didn’t pray for her mothers friend.
At a football match in the changing room with workmates. They all pair up to go and watch the match. I decide to stay and read about accordions, then I need to go and find my missing chimpanzee. I am worried about him.
At a meal with Hitler. The DJ is playing a Nazi inspired set, I recognise Laibach when he plays it. Hitler is in a good mood and I get an extra sandwich. I use scissors to cut open the roasted body of a long necked talking monkey. The skin is tough. Inside is a blue metal fish. When I remove the metal body plate there is very little meat on it.
DJ Hitler
The large Victorian house again. My boss is trying to get into a safe, but can’t figure it out. He messes it up and a message flashes in front of our eyes tells us the police will be here in 3 seconds if he tries again.

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