Corporate Slime (not what you think)

I work for a large corporation (from Latin corporate ‘combine in one body’). I guess its like being part of a huge jellyfish, a complicated system made of smaller, specialised cells. In a corporation as in a body, cells need to be maintained and repaired, or those cells will die. Some cells can be replaced, the body can generate new ones, some cells, such as neurons are lost forever when they die, slowly absorbed into the body after being broken down by microglia.

So inside a corporation, employees need to be nurtured and cared for at all levels, especially those who are hard to replace, or have very specialised functions. A way round this is to have a corporation where no one is a specialist, all like stem cells that can adapt to any function.

This is similar to the way slime mould functions. Slime mould are individual amoeba cells which live independent existences until there is a time of food shortage, at which time they join together and work to find the quickest way to food.

Slime Mould

Looks like a more decentralised, adaptable slime mood model is the way for corporations to go!


What do you think?

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