The Heroin Rapture

A dying mother. Her and her son sing a Caruso song at full blast. They don’t care if it annoys the neighbours. His girlfriend tells them to sing louder and turn it up.

An old chest of drawers the front falls off the top drawer, exposing the mess inside. It looks like a well made antique. It is rotten and falling apart. It is at 42 Seabrook Road, Newton Heath, ManchesterI cry. My parents are dying again. It hurt so much the first time. I don’t think I can bear the grief again. The house is damp and all is falling apart. This was my last home.
A young man returning to Manchester on a borrowed bike. He is wheeling the bike across a road, where a bus is stopped. Police are arguing with a group of autistic youth who repeat phrases over and over. The bus moves and he crosses preceded by an elderly couple and a lady on a small wooden tricycle who has large special boots on.
I am glad to be back in Manchester. Back on a cobbled alley. I notice that my bike is just a frame and wheels. Nothing else. It rattles across the cobbles. I decide to cut through some back streets. I remember them from my youth. I hear screaming. All the buildings are derelict. A group if smack heads run out of a building to my left. One shouts “Leg it, it’s Darren, he’s having the rapture.”
I turn right and run. I discard the bike. I hide in a square. Groups of people comb the square looking for something. Climbing fences and scaling buildings like spiders. I decide to get out. I don’t know any of them. Been away too long.
They follow me, and an official comes out of a building to challenge them. They dispute what changes need to be made. Derelict structures must be torn down, unsafe landscaping made safe for the old and disabled. They want to tear down Fort Ardwick. I laugh as I know it will remain after the rebuild, in my time. The rest will change but not the people. They will still have the same problems.
Context: My parents both died when I was a teenager living at this address in Manchester. I have lived in many places and none since then. I would call none of them ‘Home”.

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