Brown Bagged

A small boy has a brown paper bag put over his head and is then beaten by his brothers. “Tell them you walked into a doorknob.” they say. 

At scout camp. The same boy. Given a rating. Bag on his head. 
Later in life, commando training. Forced to learn to kill and abuse even things he loves. Brutalised and desensitised. Thoroughly and deliberately.  
Inside a church. A man is dancing like Bill Cosby. I try to copy him but it doesn’t work. When the preacher says raise your hands if you believe in Jesus my arms stay by my side. I notice that I am not the only one. 
In hospital waiting for some tests with a very curvy woman. I find bits of the building are falling apart. An old iron ring and chain. A nail. I take them to reception.
There is a model of Lincoln Cathedral on a shelf. It lights up inside. “We could make an animation with zombies.” I say to the curvy woman. Small children take our seats. 



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