Talking Pen

I have kidnapped Winnie the Poohs’ family. Sadly he calls out to see if anyone’s at home.

I am washing cutlery in a shower listening to Kenneth Williams talk on the radio.
My nose is blocked. I keep blowing my left nostril. Lots of slimy snot comes out. Then finally, a talking pen, with various set phrases. Like a marker pen. I think this explains my sinus problems and the voices in my head.
A cleaning lady has keys to my room. Another woman is cooking as I deface the clothes of a doll dressed as a nun until she is wearing sexy underwear and her nun headwear only. The cook looks at me as if I am disturbed.
My tea is ready. Not very exciting breaded fish from a packet in the freezer. Peter Green stops by with his bike. He has missed his train. Later Ori also drops by, also on her bike.
I am staying in a cottage on a cliff top. Planes dive bomb it, seeing how close they can get without touching the roof. The sky is full of many and varied fantastical flying machines, I am amazed, and take photos.

What do you think?

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