Bert Weedon’s Basement

I am in Bert Weedon‘s basement. It is damp. The sun rises through a huge one piece window. The view is breathtaking. The sea is out side and I am underneath some kind of pier, supported by classical stone columns. Bert can’t understand why I’m so impressed. It is dripping with water but I’d love to live there.

A man is helping me take Berts’ computer home to fix. He is dodgy and has some ulterior motive. Dave Angel he looks like. He has a sports car with not much space. I leave the engine alone but mess about with the rest when he’s not looking.
I am walking to meet some people. I see a Delorean floating in the road. It’s driver is talking to another guy in a 2 seater sports car parked behind him. They are going to the same meeting. I get a lift in the sports car, wishing I was flying in the Delorean. We have to cut through some narrow lanes. The driver is Russell Howard. He says he hopes the meeting will stir up emotions. It is the second time I’ve heard that phrase.


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