Chinese Sex Robot

At a meeting with my boss and Captain Kirk and Scotty. It appears lots of people avoid these meetings as the leaders are crap. I joke that its like one of our meetings at work.

Wandering along a hospital corridor, divided into many rooms, it slows me down going through each door. There are people, equipment and chairs in my way.


My boss and myself look for a cocktail machine. We are approached by a primitive Chinese sex robot. I decide to try it to see what it is like. I read the instructions. It has a large penis that can be peeled open like a banana revealing a vagina like orifice inside. It is very strange. I remind myself to write a short story about a virus spread by sex robots.



One of my colleagues is asking me about getting to Boston. I tell him there’s nothing in Lincolnshire. I have just got off a coach with Jen and Stef who were off to north London.

Two boys carry an extremely long curtain rail and ask to borrow my radio. I say that I need it.

A church. My dad is arguing that babies aren’t born gay. My gay friends disagree.


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