The Ageing Machine

The government are running an Alien hoax, it is a cover up for planting trackers in peoples brains.

 I am running away from unseen monster. There’s a lady with kids, we all go back to my home. Eventually everyone leaves. I hear a dog whimpering outside. There is a giant body of woman, burnt as if by spontaneous combustion and giant, blind dog in back garden. The dog is huge, blind, old and dying.
Floating around my home. The windows are black, blocked from outside. A room is in the wrong place. I am looking into another world.  There are other me’s from parallel worlds. They have had similar experiences. We discover that shouting together we can shrink the monster outside and scare it away.
The other me return home. I am watching tv and talking with my family. I can see that they are all actors, playing their part. I challenge the grandad with this.  He explains that this is so. I realise I am dreaming but play along anyway.
I think they are here to put a sensor or censor in my head. I escape.
A square in Bath. The houses are all burnt out. In the middle, the remains of a funeral home and cemetery, decimated. I think. I have been here before. It didn’t feel right then. In the burnt out funeral home is the remains of an apparatus to age and kill people. I am aware that these have been found all over the world. Someone is trying to rebuild them. They need knowledge from this dream to do so. I remember the monster at the start of the dream. He didn’t exist. Just radioactive glowing streams of plasma being drawn to and emanating from an ancient temple.

What do you think?

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