Bristol Byzantine

I am chasing a tortoise shell cat called Vienna.  It causes lots of accidents.

A small child asks what happened. I say I can’t tell as it will spoil the story it if he wants to watch it when he’s older.
A kitchen. There is a noise in the cupboard. The light flickers on and off. I decide not to investigate the cause of the noise.
I am back at my old home at Seabrook Road. Part of the neighbours garden has been built over.  I am Trying to get home. Can’t remember if I live in Birmingham, Wolverhampton or Exeter. I follow a road to  dead end by a river. There is a workshop there  with draft excluders like the dragon from never ending story, they are alive.  I recognise Bristol Byzantine architecture as we move through the outskirts of Birmingham. I remember I live in Exeter. I’ve been going the wrong way!!
 I am in a circus or film set.There is a large tank with a huge crocodile in it. Everyone is afraid. Crocodile Dundee tells us that the croc is a big softy. He is right. Nothing to be afraid of.
A sad Ethiopian king in the basement of a huge building with his entourage. He beats and abuses them, including me. Another person and I distract him so the injured can escape. He sets us all free, and wants to be left alone in his sadness. I am worried about him and offer to stay. He says he will come with us, but we are free.
We ascend stairs that change into a spiral of chains we need to clamber up, at the top, a professor is reeling the chains in, making the ascent easier. The chains are secured with a broken coat hanger on a bent nail, with unclear instructions on how to keep it in place. 8° not 98° is what it says.

What do you think?

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