Beasts & Bumps

I am at Seabrook Road. I am staying in my parents bedroom. My step mother is downstairs or next door. I am distressed and seeing ghosts. 

I am inside a doctors office. There is medication in an envelope but no dosage information. It appears to be a cure for addiction.
There’s a bag with body parts in. The doc tells us not to use the meds. Dom and the other guy grab the body parts and threaten to expose the Doctor. I grab the meds and run out down the carpeted stairs, jumping a flight at a time. At the end the stairs go up slightly then down again to a huge door with no handle. I push and it opens. Outside I am being pursued. 
I am lost. Angrily sticking two fingers up at cars. I collapse on a central verge. I cry out for help in my mental anguish. A Christian comes to help. Then he tries to steal things from my pockets. I resist. 
I am singing harmony with a friend from work and a guy I don’t know. We are improvising a song in a doorway called Beasts and Bumps. About a car driving through roadworks. People laugh at us and we move away. 
A huge school type building. People from work are there dressed in tuxedos. I am wearing a plain black suit. I nip to the loo while people are having breakfast and getting ready to leave. The door says steam room. Inside is a loo and lots of electrical boxes. I hear the door lock as I enter. I push it and it opens. I sit down on the toilet. The door locks automatically. I flick switches trying to make it open. Nothing works. The loo subsides into an unappealling sewer hole in the floor. My legs dangle in it it fills with sewage. The room floods with it and I float up. I can see a mark where it has flooded before and realise I won’t drown. The sewage turns milky white then clear. I climb onto a ledge where there are many wardrobes. I can hear Robert Rankin narrate my actions. I look for Narnia in the wardrobes. All are normal. In the last one, I feel it move and I lay on the carpeted floor. This wardrobe is a carpet conveyor belt to another world, an archipelago somewhere in the pacific. On this island elves and satyrs frolick together. 

What do you think?

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