Granddads Gibbon

Dreamt of moving a TV into granddads bedroom. I’m looking after his place while he was away. Visiting his old place with his pet gibbon. He goes missing on his return. I tell Aunty Chris about my strange dreams of the monarchy.

Work. We are divided into groups. I have to fill in about 50 guidelines for every lesson I teach. It is just ticking boxes.
Sat in a room with the Duke of Edinburgh waiting for the Queen. I am messing about. He doesn’t seem to mind.
Men are kidnapping a family. I throw chewing gum at one. He has a gun. I see a teacher with a gun and tell him. He is a bit useless. Eventually we free the girls and escape.
Like being a child detective, we decide to find the kidnappers. I reason they were dropped in by helicopter and probably planned to rendezvous some where near the M5 to switch vehicles and get away.  We set off to look for them.
The girls are kidnapped again. I am back at granddads’ place. The dog/ polar bear/gibbon needs to go out.

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