JuJu Squash

I’ve had lots of dreams lately but no time to post them, so starting with the oldest first I’ll post them today!



A grey square room. Both inside and outside at he same time. The floor covered with nettles. A white bloke and a Nigerian juju man dressed more like a Masai are playing a fast paced game like squash. I get in the way and lose someone a point. The next challenger isn’t ready. He is transformed into a dried out gourd like fruit on the vine of the nettle. 

I am outside the room. I need to get a case. A friend suggests buying one incorporating a bat so I can play the game. I say that all my customers have one, that they fill with useless gadgets for measuring the number of Db in the colour green, for example. 
Rewind. Disarming a rocket explosive it launched and went off. Walking into a bar and pouring beer on the wound. The juju man is there. I warn him that he will die soon. He is not frightened. Tell him it was not a threat but based on prior experience. 
I am with an on call nurse. Her phone rings and I grab my bag and overcoat. She’s able to drop me off on the way to the hospital. 
A DSLR, camera in a bath. The lens is separated and they are both immersed in sandy water. I take them out and try to clean them. 

What do you think?

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