Time Travel to Insult the Messiah

I am in the past. I talk to Matt about his future. I meet Karl Zumar for the first time at a music class. I tell him how lovely his wife will be in the future. I meet Alan Sky, the Messiah, and argue with him, calling him a little man and a bitchy cunt.

Later I meet up with Alan and we both apologise. Alan pokes me with a needle to represent the pain my words caused him. I take the needle and poke him back. Alan then showers me with some kind of light gravel or seeds. He tells me to hold onto some of it, for protection. I put some in my pockets.
I am in a workshop, looking at Colin’s woodworking equipment. I am told off as its a health and safety hazard. I’m really there as earlier I overheard a plot involving chemicals. This was when I was hiding in someone’s bathroom. I walk out along a hill ridge. There’s a stone structure attached and I explore this. It is a dead end. The path above is also a dead end, leading to a locked stable.
I am skimming over video of a psychedelic band. I am playing with them. Bagpipes sitar and midi guitar. I think I look like a stereotypical hippy.
I am helping an older man play the organ. It is massive and has a fold out section like a music workshop. There’s a seperate but attached by cable bass synth. I think that I must create an area for producing music when I wake up.

What do you think?

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