Rapist Brother

A turn in the road. I am on an elevated desk writing a monopodie I’m not sure what that is. To the right of the bend are dogs, a large dog fights with its smaller sibling. A dog eat dog world. Opposite where I sit is home. A nice Victorian building with lots of cats. They come out and sit on the laps of those to the left of me.


I am living alone with my brother. He tries to rape me but I resist. I challenge him about his behaviour but he just nervously laughs and jokes about our dysfunctional family and pretends it never happened. I make it clear that he is to stay away from me. I threaten him with a knife. He runs to get one and I escape outside. He locks the door behind me. I try to call the police but can’t get through. I run down an alley and across the road. I ask an old lady to call for help. Her phone is blocked too. A man offers to help. It is my brother in disguise. I run towards the police station, uphill as I know I am fitter than him. I hear his voice telling me I’ve missed the turning. I fly up away from him. He follows on a broomstick. We are flying a long a road with others as though we are sat in a car. He’s trying to talk to me. I brake and the accelerate rapidly, expanding into a million shards as I do. He does the same and explains that this speed is dangerous. We pass through a solid wall. I am unharmed. He is blind in one eye and his irises are nearly white.
We are at a lecture on magic. I go in and sit at my desk.

What do you think?

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