Spider of OZ

I am in an alternate reality. I know I am dreaming. An old church lies ahead it is haunted. An old lady enters through a nearby door. I want to talk to her but the building she’s in is actually a train carriage and shoots off up a hill. As it is a funicular railway another carriage comes down at the same time. On this open carriage a man sits, painting. 



I enter the church the people with me go to the main entrance. I have chosen a side door. There’s an asymmetric mirror on the wall. I walk through it, there’s a screaming sound, like an alarm, designed to scare the curious away. Beyond the mirror is a corridor with more asymmetric mirrors. At the end the corridor rises vertically. The walls are shaped like stairs, but not for a human, a giant spider possibly. I climb up remarking to myself the odd non human architecture. In the room above I find a control panel. 
There are two microphones. One silver and one gold. You can speak into these and misinform people about how they will find silver or gold, manipulating their inherent greed. I play with these, suggesting a variety of amusing things, some of which are physically impossible. 
My colleagues enter through a mirror. I tell them that this is no magic, but more like the wizard of oz. 
Outside we talk to the painting man. I introduce myself and give him my real name and my name in that reality. He is an educated, cultured man, and I am glad we have the opportunity to talk. 

What do you think?

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