The Man Who Became a Bear Spider-Man

Tiny cats head biting me. Singing songs from the musicals. I am looking for Bluetooth adapter in a dishwasher full of filthy dishes covered in peas and gravy.


I am searching a house with Nick and Ori. The power has gone off and we search for how to turn it on.
Inside is a huge room with a smaller room like a curved glass old style shop in it. Nick finds a light switch.
This place is bigger on the inside. We are now in a huge, intricately engraved temple underground. I greet a rabbi, we are joined by priests from the C of E and a trio from a star child cult.
One of us three is missing, having invoked a powerful spirit that these other religious groups need to contact. I see the spirit arrive. It is The Man Who Became a Bear Spider-Man. He seems to have a fair bit of eagle in him too. He does not look very happy. He sits next to me as an eagle in a ripped Spider-Man costume. I offer him the crumbs from my packet of crisps, and explain why he’s here.
He flys over to the leading priest and speaks. Everyone cowers at his voice and they physically duck or kneel as he emanates light.
The star child guys speak to him in a worshipful manner. He shits on the students while hovering above them. A woman next to me moves to leave. A tv is playing a scene she wrote where this divine being has to chose which of two twins must live, and which must die. This makes him angry.
Trapped in a parallel world where no one can see or hear us. Chee and me try communication with kids, and read their books to learn the language.
We find an adult who can see and hear us. He prefers to communicate by sign language. Their spoken language is very hard to pronounce.
We cry with relief to have found someone who can understand. He cries for us.

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