iPhone Carousel




I am on top of a circular roof. I push and It spins round like a carousel. I hold my iPhone and passport at the centre to film a circular panorama. My brothers and friends join me, spinning faster and using flash photography. It messes up my film and I ask them to stop. 

I get off the roof but leave behind my iPod and passport. 
I am back at school. A teacher has organised some gruelling sports for the last week of term. I hate sports. I decide that he won’t break me, I’ll give it my best shot. 
I am pleased to see that kayaking is on the activities. I run down a wooden labyrinth and descend a ladder to where the kayaks are in the water. Some of the other lads jump in, but it’s too high, I’m  not brave enough and lower myself slowly down the ladder. 
In the water the kayaks are little more than plastic bags full of water. I tip out water from one and get in and paddle away. 
I have recovered my stuff from the roof. Some of my younger relatives are pleased to see me. We head to the coach station to book a coach to Poland. I can’t find it. I work there and ask friends  for help, no one can help me. 
I am outside, I walk past a school. Russian agents are entering to kill my relatives. A group of us escape and hide in a newspaper office from the sound of gunfire. 
When it is quiet I go to see if anyone’s hurt. Two cars have been shot at. Everyone’s ok though as the paranoid parents have a bulletproof car.