Diseased Dogs and the School of Rave Cake.

I am talking to some large sad dogs named after diseases tested on them by scientists.
I am sliding down the road in a large plastic bag, Which changes at times to a car powered by pedals projecting from the rear. My right leg is tired and its hard to keep going. We pass a similar old fashioned car called  a Residential.
I am at a market with Dave Myers and his wife. It changes into  a school full of cake, the teachers are trying to stop the kids from eating any cake.  One kid has a cake ornament that is in edible and looks pissed off. Next to him, a group of boys have dried soup mix, and Are trying to rehydrate it. They aren’t very happy either. Rave music is playing an the teachers and kids are dancing about with arms in the air.

What do you think?

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