Slip Sliding Away with the Student Rapist

Peter Green is teaching a group of us how to play “slip sliding away” on the accordion. The lyrics are posted on small boxes around a room. I was laughing at a version on YouTube by the “Muscles from Brussels, Jean Claude Van Damme.


Sarah has set out some synths and sequencers to make recording easier. Mine’s a Roland SH101. 
I’m watching a video. The guy in it is wearing a a white jacket with red wings embroidered on the back. To the left of these it says Student, and to the right Rapist. 
It turns out he is mentally ill and training himself to become a rapist. There are subtitles. He masturbates a ridiculous number of times a day. In the hundreds. 
We are laughing. I’m thinking “I hope Frankie Boyle hasn’t seen this”. 

What do you think?

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