The Global Effect of Buying a Jacket

I’m wandering through a cathedral, going for a shower, as its also a hostel. I begin walking from a car park, carrying a towel and toiletries, through a narrow corridor, security people are looking for a trouble maker. The nearest showers are full of people, I decide to head over to the more obscure ones deeper in the cathedral. A man grabs at my hood and asks me where I got my jacket from. “Large” I say, having misheard him. 

The inner part of the cathedral has a courtyard more Korean or Japanese in its architecture than the European style of exeter cathedral. I cut through and past the high altar. There’s a service happening in the vestry. I don’t want to interrupt so I head back to the other showers. 
On the way a young family lift their pushchair out onto a road. I follow them. Olly is walking with me asking about my jacket. I wonder how many people have been affected by my decision to buy it. From the growers of cotton to the manufacturers and retailers. All interlinked and influenced by my decision. Olly is winding up his backpack. He has to drop his dog off somewhere. 

What do you think?

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