The Infinite Song of the Indonesian Golem


I am walking by a canal explaining to a guy about various  bits if software he may be interested in. I mention the infinite song remix site. He has never heard of it. 

We find a mannekin with a Russian military communication system on it. I put something radioactive in its eye and write “infinite song” with my finger on its forehead. It laughs. It has come to life like a golem. It has no memory it is surprised to see its Indonesian features in a mirror. I adjust its face. 
It begins to remember its former life in Manila, where it had many lovers and performed on the stage. It is gender less. It drinks tea but I can’t think how it goes to the toilet. 
I’m at work. Tom has bought some dope that we smoke off a tiny circular plastic bong. I am teaching but quite stoned. The golem is putting on a stage performance. There is Thai music. Some of the customers join in. I see that when a plant dies, it is replaced by a candle. This will always happen while the golem lives. 
I am in a car with a customer. She is accelerating along a dark narrow road. She asks me to steer. I keep screaming at her to stop. Our lives are in danger. Eventually I jump out of the car and she crashes into another vehicle. I ban her from my workplace, as by refusing to listen she nearly killed me. 

What do you think?

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