The Military Hotel and Boats in the Sky

A hotel. It is decorated with stuffed falcons. The clientele are mostly military. They stand in the hallways soaping their heads. They like the place.



I have left the bathroom, with its vulva shaped toilet enclosure, and I am trying to find my room. It appears to have vanished. 
I am in Wolverhampton. There is an air display. Tankers and other ships are in the display. A boat falls to earth nearby. A hovercraft lands behind me. I cannot film it as it has stealth disruption technology. 
I am in a classroom/hostel at the back of a pub. I have left cards and paper everywhere. It is a mess I need to clean up. I am listening to a hypnosis tape to cure alcoholism. I can still hear it when I take off my headphones. 

What do you think?

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