Glass Ceilings and Exploding Cars

I am in Spain. The hotel I’m in has a small cell with swipe card entry to watch TV in. I walk upstairs and there’s a glass ceiling blocking my way. I drift through it. A Sikh is checking the safety of the glass and the banisters. To get to the next level I have to jump the bannister. I’m annoyed that I can’t effortlessly pass through it. Then there is a glass wall, shattered but in one piece. I use my finger to create a hinge and step through to the other side.

I am sharing a room with my boss. It is very messy. I sleep with my legs on the bed and the rest of me on the floor. There’s a strange guitar synth on the floor. I play with it.
I’m hungry and and ask  if there’s any food. I’m told I have to get my own. I go out with Oriana and her mum to get some bread and marmite. On the way we pass lots of stalls. Oriana is buying a fur stole. It’s a bargain. I lose them and return to the hotel. They are not there so I look for them on my bike.
I don’t find them but see to 1940s chicks in military uniform in a USA jeep. I whistle at them. A corgi is crossing the road slowly. It’s owner tells it to hurry up. It is called Greece.
I meet up with Jenny and we meet up with the crazy Scottish caretaker. He sees us as demons and is panicking.
We hitch a lift off two Spanish guys. One is famous for blowing up cars. He would steal a car, set a timer on the bomb, then try to drive to his destination and escape before it explodes. He is crazy. I donate some small change.
We pass another car that has exploded. Someone just died doing what he used to do. I tell him he is lucky to be alive.
We visit his house. I’m uncomfortable and leave.
I am in a village run by clone pirates. I’m being held captive. I shoot some and escape in a 4×4 which becomes a helicopter. They pursue me in attack helicopters through a cave system. I escape and arrange to meet Magnum.

What do you think?

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