Vagina Dentata Dream

I’m making love to a woman with vagina dentata. The teeth line the sides, flat, like scales. I worry that they will change their angle, and I’ll be stuck inside her forever.

A large horse is ploughing a muddy field, urged on by an enthusiastic farmer.
6 horse ploughing field
I am with a group of commandos. One is young, enthusiastic and inexperienced. His mobile phone goes off and he apologises, and offers to go home. I tell him it will be ok. He suggests we fire a crossbow carrying a line into the mist, at our still unseen target, and zip line in there. I explain that we wouldn’t know if it was secure or where we’d end up. Plus no one knows how to zip line.
I am in a shop. It is my familys’. I queue up but realise there’s no need. I sleep in the warehouse. On a pallet. There is an enormous stack of eggs.
I am applying for a job at a casino. I have excellent customer service skills. They have left me a voicemail saying that they don’t know what vacancy I am talking about. I call them back from a stove top, the rings are different letters and numbers.

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