Sleeping in the Water

I am in a large Victorian house. There’s been a party. I am exhausted. Ori is ginger and also my cousin. I feel drunk. I have walked home a very long way. Upstairs the Genius team have a flat. It is messy and badly decorated. I just want to sleep, but people are in my room, Rosa and the Tasker brothers. I shoo people away. I try to sort my clothes out for college. I can’t rely just on my intellect any more. I fall into some mud, it engulfs me and I shout for help.

shouting for help

I am in an empty canal lock struggling to get out. It’s very deep.  I’m talking to a friend about why I relate well to teenagers. They do stupid things, like me.
I’m playing a game. Small figures surf across water. I control them with my finger. I get better at it as time passes.
There’s a Star Trek quiz game. Spock is leaning on my shoulders telling me the answers.
I am living above Equinox. There’s a talk I want to go to but I miss the start as I’m exhausted.
I am sleeping in water. It is relaxing. There’s a strange small ashtray designed to trap crabs. I tip the water and tiny crab out of the window.
I go back to the talk. They were talking about suicide but have now finished. I’m sorry I didn’t contribute to this discussion. The shop downstairs is busy. I have a large rucksack with me. I cross the road looking for somewhere to stay. I’m exhausted, and thinking of phoning in sick.

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