Crazy Scots and the Mariachi Police

I am looking after Jenny’s flat while she’s away. It’s messy and I’m trying to clean up. I turn round and there’s a crazy Scotsman there with white powder on his face. I ask who he is, quite aggressively. He tells me he’s popped round to borrow some flour. I let him get some then shoo him out. There’s another two I find on the way out. One hiding upstairs. They are brothers. I finally get them all out of the flat and tell the concierge downstairs not to let anyone in without my express permission. 

I return upstairs and begin to tidy up. Someone’s coming round and I want it to be neater. 
I find a glossy paper map. It has a button on it to update it to the latest version. I press it and wait. I have to enter a four digit code for each area on the map. I am having difficulty reading the instructions. 
I am cycling to a friends house. It is a young Kevin Rose. He is about to start a podcast in Manchester, promoting and getting sponsorship from Holts brewery. He also manages a band with Jai on drums which will become The Police. He’s talking about how he can fully exploit the band, employing them to code when not making music. I can see into the future. Jai will leave for a better offer and Kevins’ business will fail. 
We drive to the singers house. He is Mexican. On the way Kevin is paranoid that the government want to kill him. 
The singer has produced a Mexican sounding version of “Can’t Stand Losing You” in Spanish. I like it. He has two black labs, one twitches continually as it has a brain disease.  I cycle in his house with him on the back of my bike, trying not to damage any instruments. We head outside and I take us down a very steep hill into the city centre. I jump a traffic island to get into the correct lane. 
Now I am Kevin Rose. My passenger is shaken when we stop on Market Street. I apologise for getting carried away. 
I head back to Jenny’s  flat. Outside it is flooded. The tide is in and I have to swim over to the door to swipe my way in. I am still Kevin Rose. 
I sit with Kevin and thank him for all the episodes of Diggnation that cheered me up so much. We reminisce about some of the best bits and the great chemistry him and Alex had. I also talk to him about The Broken. He tells me what hard work it was. 
I take Kevin for a beer. On the way I meet Tawanda and a bunch of recent graduates. We go into a very old fashioned looking bar. I tell Kevin I’ll get him a Guinness. 
Inside there are disabled kids talking in one room. The main hall is a very civilised cafe with no alcohol. I read some of the info on the wall. I thank the owner for his work. We go elsewhere. 

What do you think?

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