Multi-racial Kirk Confesses to Murder

You are staying with your brother, he’s concerned for your safety after your assassination attempt and bombing in Dublin. You hear a voice outside. Someone has recognised the bike you used to commit the attack. They come in the house and upstairs. Your brother implores you to hide. Instead, you beat your brother with a stick. A man enters the room. He’s glad to see you keeping a woman in her place and leaves. This changes the dynamic between you and your brother. You are now dominant.

You are Captain Kirk. You are about to start at star fleet. You wear a Spanish dress in honour of your dead mother and a white dress uniform jacket and a small Scottish hat. You talk to your sister in Japanese. Your Japanese father enters, he tells you that Spock is here to take you to the academy.
You are afraid to leave, as the man who knows you are a murderer lives opposite. You decide to confess, and ask Spock to wait.
Spock is concerned that you are a murderer. The academy needs people of action though. You start to drive away and are beamed up to an alien ship.

What do you think?

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