Tibetan Chavs, Temporal Trouble and Eternal Recurrence

You are in the House of Elders. You are there because things keep repeating endlessly. You imagine a single note rhythm bring played on a saz, and you are allowed in.

Inside is a South American garden. Holy books are scattered around. You sit in the grassy carpet listening to unseen voices chant an invocation.
Time shifts. You see the fine detail of insects carving through the air. A large yellowy fluffy moth lands on your head. He bites or stings your head. There is a moment of pain then deep joy. Others land on your head. They are fixing your temporal lobes. You feel ecstatic.
When they have finished, you feel your head, and there’s blood and scarring. You watch giant blue soldier ants walk off around a corner, sadly you realise you may never perceive this level of detail again.
You leave with the others, traveling down a funicular railway on a platform with a single bench. You are exhausted and want to go home.
You step down stairs and you are back at school. David Cameron is handing out goody bags with certificates and course work in them. He tells you that you need to study Vaughan Williams and improve your grammar. You are glad to get this paperwork again. This time you will frame your certificate and value it.
You leave with Sonny,  avoiding a street full of Tibetan chavs for an alternate route where the road itself is row after row of sculptures that you need to clamber over.
At the far end of the sculpture road, a band is playing the EasyPay song. Robbie Williams should be singing, but he’s in the loo.
You notice an EasyPay on the floor. A man from Victorian times picks it up. He has changed history by finding it. He asks you what it is. You scan his hands and tell him his name, age, and profession  (hat constructor). You know these from reading them in a history book. You then predict that his future involves a journey by water and tip him back over a wall into a canal.
You walk down to see Tom approaching. He has headphones on and is looking for his EasyPay.
You tell him he has effected history by losing it. You carry on together down the road, noticing that time is now speeding up, you struggle to walk on constantly updated surfaces, heading into a field you are surrounded by construction work constantly changing at high speed. You let others go ahead, you know you won’t be fast enough to keep up. Ahead you see Patrick Moore and Stephen Hawking moving along a tiled corridor.
You are getting in the shower. You seem to have an infinite number of jumpers on. When you take one off, there’s another underneath.
You head of to the Garden of the Elders with your friends to fix this perception of reoccurrence.

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