Roman Plumbing in Willenhall

I am playing cards with Tanya and other friends. The cards are regular playing cards and tarot cards simultaneously. I’m in a seperate room, but I win anyway. A doctor comes to see me, I say I’m only ill because of a lack of naked women in bed with me. Tanya gets changed and laughs, giving me a look of “Not a chance, mate”.

I go out, I consider putting a window through with my fist to return to hospital. I realise this is a bad idea, just another form of self harm.
. Wandering through Willenhall, people stand like statues. I have a conversation with a woman about how little there is to do. TV has not been invented yet. I ask about a huge building on a mountainside. It has almshouses incorporated at the bottom, and higher up has planer, modernist architecture. A man explains it was an old roman school. Saxons did a bad conversion job on it. Amazingly some of the plumbing still works.
Trying to leave the building, the doors are not where I expect them to be. There are many doors, one after the other. A young man with glasses is following me. I ask him for help. He’s strong and soon forces the final door open.

I am in a school. The government is recruiting teachers. I walk through tables and othe objects like a ghost, then bump into the table of the helpful man with glasses. He is not a hallucination. He has cakes he has made himself. I apologise and walk on.


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