The Play of the Life

I am Frankie Boyle. I am in Glasgow to watch a performance. The back of the theatre is full of pool tables and drunk, violent looking people. 

I now remember that other people are the main reason I don’t go out that often. A couple are arguing about the deposit on two cues. I sit at a weird angle, watching the audience as I wait for the performance to begin. Looking around I am aware of each individual in the audience, and how each has a memorised back story, they are also part of the performance. 
It starts. A play. A man wakes up on a thin mattress on the floor. It is me/Frankie. 
Point of view changes and I am first person again. I am trying to get home, I am exhausted after hitch hiking for several days. Cars nearly collide into me as a cross the ring road in Wolverhampton
At home, the furniture is at an odd angle. This worries me. Someone has been here. Nothing seems to be missing. My girlfriend won’t shut up. I keep shouting “Shut the fuck up!”, and she goes quiet for a moment then starts again. Friends are round. I am feeling very depressed. I walk out on them and my girlfriend. None of them are genuine. They follow at a distance. I talk to an old neighbour. He gives me a manual for a video device that defaults to playing the movie “Grease“. Then he tells me about killing men in the war, stabbing them in the back under the cover of darkness. 
I meet a new group of friends. Olly is there and a foreign thief.  We are about to start a new company using iOS devices that will make our fortune. I have to leave my old friends to do this. Knowing the future means you can unintentionally influence it. 
I am in a hotel. There’s a never ending buffet breakfast.  The foreign thief tries to get me to help him steal stuff. I decline and he dares me , thinking that I am scared. I explain that I am not scared, but moral. It is wrong and I won’t help him. 
I am in a youth centre talking to Tony Wilson. I have a pamphlet with chapter one of a book I’m finding useful. He has chapter two, but will also lend me the entire book if I want it. We are disturbed by a debt collector. Someone fires a white arrow into his leg. I explain the legality to Tony. He asks what we want to see on TV and we reply “Something Else“. 

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