The Dichotomy of the Wicked Witch

I am in a forest. A young girl threatens me with a knife. She flys up into the branches of a tree. She is both Dorothy and the Wicked Witch. I fly up to her. She’s surprised. She’s angry. Something is wrong in the woods, she is a spirit of disquiet. Looking down I see two graves excavated. There are two bodies in each, but no skulls.  I find the skulls, and one to spare, and after carefully cleaning them, return them to the graves, saying a prayer for peace.

The woodland vanishes. The witch becomes a white smiling mask in a modern minimal home. The home is filled with mannequins. Headless, but dressed.
I have to meet someone at The Dive Bar. I don’t know where that is. The mannequins multiply until I cannot pass.

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