Lucid Freud and the Big City Dong

I am on the roof of a tower block. Looking down I can see people, frozen in time, falling. They all have black spidery hands and strange legs. I want to jump off, but I’m afraid of heights. I’m not sure if I am dreaming or not. I try to identify where my sleeping body is. In not sure, so I don’t jump. I move away from the edge. There’s a concrete shopping centre, and a phone is ringing. I approach it and it stops ringing. I enter the phonebox and Jef is still on the line. He talks to me about three key films for inducing lucid dreams. I thank him and step out of the phone box.

I wander down a road that is a river. In the distance is Big Ben. I think of Freud and how he would interpret this as something to do with a big dong. As I approach a corner, an empty boat passes, so fast that I miss my chance to jump in. I have literally missed the boat. I see that there are lots of boats passing. I grab one, which is half flooded with water. I bail it out, struggle with it to maintain workable dimensions, and head for the big city.

Ahead I see warnings flash in the water. Mines have been deployed. They do not appear to damage my boat. I keep on.
On a rocky outcrop is a giant black anteater. Part of his back moves and becomes an otter type creature heading towards me. The boat becomes mud and I slide half way into the water, transforming into a black, furry, smoothed faced creature with tiny black eyes.


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