Superman and the Superego of Aristotle.

Superman is trying to contact his superego through his dreams. He flips a coin to call himself, the self he projects onto the world. A statue appears. It looks a bit like Aristotle, but with superman’s living eyes. Superman is in the statue. A small boy appears, superman is a bit annoyed at having his dream invaded. The boy tugs on his stony whiskers to lead him on an adventure.

They park in a muddy field. They are chased by a turncoat nanny/monkey butler, through unfeasible spinning rooms, and over bridges that become trees.

Returning to the car park, a helicopter is waiting. The chasing thing is now a nanny, returning home as it has forgotten something. It had arranged for the helicopter to be here. In the car park, two men talk. Children play in deep mud in a nearby field, unaware of the dangers. I walk with the two men, we talk of fatherhood and cars, and home built electric sitars.




What do you think?

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