Cult Work

I am at a cult meeting. Everyone is dressed in green and purple. In expecting a talk about philosophy, but when the guru arrived there’s music a very jumpy dancing. I dislike this, aware of how brainwashing works.

I am working in a hospital. I’m teaching people to use GarageBand, and giving someone advice on setting up a production studio. I feed an old woman’s cats. She is dying of cancer.

As I leave the hospital to go home, I am swamped by cult coworkers, who place hands on me and hug me while singing ‘god is with us’, I hate this, and squeeze my way through them back to the lift.

The lift is a large platform that moves between levels, operated by an Asian man. I throw my bag onto it, but its already moving. I jump and hold onto the edge. Above I see a beam that will crush me. I look down. It’s too far to drop. I reach the beam and my hands pass through, but I can’t pull myself through, it’s as if I’ve reached the top, with nowhere else to go.



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