The Six Tasks of the I Ching

I am Chinese, living with my family in what appears to be a castle. My father sets me tasks, each one being one line of an iching reading.

In one task, I am at war, tagging enemy vehicles with infrared strobes so air support can target them. One strobe lands too close, and I have to run to avoid friendly fire.

Another task involves a strange case of hunt saboteuring. A fox is being hunted. It runs down a wide central reservation on a dual carriageway. Behind it, tigers, elephants, and other zoo animals are gaining ground, themselves, running from the hunt.

I run in between the fox and his pursuers, some stop, some veer around me, a tiger leaps up and off the side of a passing vehicle.

I try to leave before the stampede kills me, running, and looking for a break in the traffic. I see a gap and sprint to freedom.

My father tasks me with improving castle defences. I put up electric barbed wire fences, high walls, block windows. We watch the news of an alien invasion. Father is not happy, the fence has no power. He goes to fix it. He asks me how I poisoned his enemies. I used the red cups. He is shocked I would use some of the cups for my sisters wedding. I assure him it is ok, that red cups are ubiquitous.

The aliens die in the sea. There is a strange dream within a dream sequence, the imagery is not quite right. A mans head is on a babies body, I am called downstairs, where a witch is arguing with father about our sales of Chinese pizzas to the souls of the damned.

I am looking at a table on a sheet of paper with father. Each of my tasks represents one line of an iching hexagram.
We interpret them, my success or otherwise producing a broken or unbroken line.

It is difficult to interpret the final outcome.



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