Animal Carton Camping

I am in a tent. I’m trying to get comfortable amongst many small cartons with rabbits in. One carton contains the predator. I suspect this is a cat. The rabbits heads protrude from the boxes. The predator is sealed in. The tent is tiny, and getting smaller, I have trouble fastening the entrance, a cold wind is blowing in.

The tent becomes a duvet, and the animals transform into stuffed birds and mounted large colourful insects. Place a tiny drop of water on their mouths.

I hear a noise outside. I take a tenon saw into the garden. Two builders are working there, bricking up a doorway in the wall of the garden. I climb up a hill and see how futile this is, as the rest of the wall is dilapidated. I begin to saw off a huge low branch. I enjoy the exercise. The builders are concerned it will fall on them. I stop and they explain that they are here to fix the wall and tidy the garden as well. I notice the beautiful terraces on the garden, many different levels, overgrown and hard to see.


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