Kazakhstan and the 60 Hz Death Grid

I am confused. My memory is a mess. I can’t remember where I’ve been, or where I need to go. I am lost in a hostel. I go back to my room three times to leave my coat there. Each time I get lost.  The confusion makes me angry. I shout at people and howl in frustration. 

I stumble into a larger room. It’s a star fleet control centre. Everyone from work is there, in uniform. I stumble through the room and downstairs. I am in the lobby of a hotel. The hotel has two floors and star fleet occupy the other twenty. 
My attacks of craziness get worse. People are trying to help me. No one knows the cause. 
My girlfriend works in a secret lab on the top floor. She thinks there may be a link between their research and my attacks. 
They are using a frequency of 60hz for mining on the moons of Neptune. They are also about to load a global grid of wireless energy at this frequency. 
I sit in a room. They are testing the frequency on me. The doctors wear spiky, rubber hoods on their heads to dampen the vibration. 
Like me, they are from Kazakhstan, and also susceptible to this frequency. 
It is announced that the global grid is about to go live. Effectively tazering anyone from Kazakhstan. My girlfriend rushes off to try to stop it. 
My headaches are getting worse. I decide to stop the launch of the grid. Getting upstairs is confusing, and takes me ages. Eventually I reach the lab. A huge tattooed man stops me, telling me this is too valuable to be stopped. 
I ask him to attack me. I want him to demonstrate that he’s willing to resort to violence. I grab him and swing him round, knocking him out on a wall. 
I pour a blue liquid into the machine. It shuts down. 
Guards arrive and arrest the huge tattooed man, and a smaller head of department. 
I am taken away for treatment. 

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