Asymmetric Alien Avoidance Strategies.

I am shopping late. Looking for clothes. I know a girl who works there and we chat. I drink beer as I play with a hipster 8mm projector with white, futuristic styling and a cartridge system of movies to watch. I am disappointed that there’s no Hawkwind.

I drink beer and pack my bag. To leave I have to climb over some shelving. I’m worried about breaking glass on the shelves, but my legs are heavy and hard to lift up.

Outside I see a spherical survival pod. I have a flashback to Stephen Fry, as my father, avoiding an issue in his life by sending himself into space for two weeks in such a pod. When he returned, people were convinced it was an alien.

I pick up the small pod and peel it open. Inside is a transparent, prawn like asymmetric alien. He is a toy.



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