Meerschaum Delivery and the Crystal Pyramid.

I am sharing a hotel room with Sam Clarke. He’s at the hotel, and I’m trying to return a watch I stole without anyone noticing. It is powered by Refreshers, or possibly Berrocca, its hard to tell. I intended to pay for it, but I was kept waiting for hours in a queue.

I am sat in a cafe. A tramp on the next table is reading people at a distance through the palm of his hand. I unpack a crystal pyramid. It is filled with sea water and bismuth crystals shimmer across the bottom. I press my palm against the mans. He can see what I see, and compare it with his own view. He asks me what is there in sea water to make things red? I turn the pyramid slightly and the colour shifts to blue. He suddenly snaps out of it, apologetic and confused.

I am walking with two elderly gentlemen. One is asking me to work for him, carrying a meerschaum across Austria on foot for three months. It is in a leather case but very fragile. I accept the challenge.

I am trying to get back to the hotel. There are obstructions. Collapsed buildings and mountains of stacked soggy cardboard. I think to myself, this is the future.



2 thoughts on “Meerschaum Delivery and the Crystal Pyramid.

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