The Treasure of Psychogeography

I am in a muddy garden, digging. My spade bends as I hit metal. There’s a box of treasure underground. I dig it out. The box is recyclable cardboard. I open it up. Inside are several sets of cards wrapped in clear plastic with psychogeographic instructions to progress in various directions and carry out different actions according to the contents of the treasure box, what can be experienced at each place, and the result of previous actions.

I go into a low, dark building. My boss is in there preparing for a storm to hit. I help him prepare by powering down some sections and checking the plumbing. Others are leaving. I don’t think I can make it home and back before the storm hits. I stay.

I get some breakfast from a cafeteria. While queuing I discuss the merits and details of the power consumption of the display units. It is both boring and fascinating.

Tommy C serves me breakfast, and recommends some books, “Sailing with My Kidneys” and “Allegorical Tales”. I choose the latter. I don’t have my library card, but he lets me take it anyway.



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