Dangerous Darkness and Fancy Dress Dogs

I am in a dark house with two friends. We know that in the dark are dangerous, evil crawling things, like giant zombie spiders. We listen to the radio; a warning to stay indoors, and keep the lights on.

The evil things have disabled our power, we survive with a single torch and send one of us out for candles. Outside Blackhawk helicopters manoeuvre around our building, shooting any of the creatures they can see.

We panic and move outside. Here we are even more vulnerable. The sky is dark. Evil is everywhere.

The sun rises, and I follow a crowd to a river crossing. Not a ferry, but a slow moving rotating bridge. At the base of the bridge is a lion. I say hello, and realise its just a friendly, hot, dog in a costume. I blow on his face to cool him down.

My boss jogs by in perfect health, and I get onto a minibus to some where.

At home, my things are in a cardboard Wendy house, a duvet and some toys. One gadget is fascinating, it can be transformed into anything. I annoy everyone in the house by transforming it into a swearing cockney box.



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