Horseshoe Bat Pirates and the Coffin Room

I am walking across a field. Large bats fly by, with horses heads and hooves. They are horseshoe bats. They fly in formation. Hovering in the shadows of leaves, I see that the leader has a torch.

They are obviously intelligent.

They land, and transform into pirates. I say hello, and invite them to a nearby pub. I don’t let on that I know their secret.

In the pub I tell them about a story I wrote about the pub being haunted. The very building was the ghost. They like this. I buy them beer but they will only let me drink water. They are worried about my health. I tell them about my next story, about horse headed bats that turn into pirates, and that its too fantastical, no one would believe it. The leader winks at me. He knows I know, but that’s ok.

A bigoted man in a captains hat is voicing his racist and small minded opinions. I unleash a verbal tirade of ad hominem abuse like you wouldn’t believe. I keep going until a crowd has gathered. I feel slightly guilty, like a pro boxer fighting a man with no arms.

I look for the toilets. Underground I find them. There’s a door to an adjoining room. The sign says ‘Coffin Room’, through the window, I can see what appears to be white tumble dryers. I am afraid to go in.



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