Flight of the Crocs & Future Technology

I am trying to escape from a city. I have disguised myself in translucent blue plastic trousers, they make my legs sweaty. Crossing a square, men in suits try to apprehend me. I escape by inserting glowing green pager sized devices into my crocs. The crocs turn from black to glowing green and I levitate into the sky. The men in suits rush to nearby buildings, scaling them in the hope of catching me. I drift past, uphill nod out of reach. At a bridge, I descend into a river valley. It is beautiful but at both ends re massive tunnels.

What’s the point in being able to fly, if you limit yourself to flying in tunnels?

I drift up and on, discovering, in the process, my ability to levitate and move other things and people.

At an airport at Christmas Eve, an old man is disappointed that his plane is delayed, and his grandson will not get his present on Christmas Day. I want to help him, but he vanishes into the crowds before I have a chance.

I am in the future, at a festival, trying to sneak in to a screening of an old school augmented reality movie. I don’t have any money, but I’m able to pay by pressing on some text and holding my breath for two heartbeats. The device analyses pulse and ECG data to verify my identity.

In the arena, three huge screens play video. A fight breaks out between skinheads in the audience. Security guards jump on them and fall through. The skinheads are part of the augmented reality experience. Everyone laughs at this old fashioned form of entertainment.

I wonder what this future holds.



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