Impressed by the Simplest of Things.

I am racing up a vertical rockface on a motorbike. Imperial storm troopers are in pursuit.

I have a box of fruit. It is all a bit depressed.

I am sad.

I am searching online. I need to find the lyrics to Solsbury Hill, and a picture of the Chuckle Brothers reenacting the wheel scene from Ghost but with Lionel Ritche’s head from the Hello video.

I am trying to impress my younger girlfriend’s Dad. He is patient but disinterested. My girlfriend has light freckles, blond hair and clear blue eyes. She doesn’t need any make up to look beautiful.

She’s short, chubby and perfect.

I am exploring houses with Steve Harris and some other people. I want to get home. We walk to a jetty. I walk over the water. It’s quicker this way. Once back on land I remember that I can fly with very little effort, and bypass obstacles that way.

I visit Jack Henley. We improvise music in a large empty room. Other students are amazed, yet to us it seems so simple.

I use his electronic drum kit.

It has one huge multitouch rubber sheet to control all the sounds.

I change to just pinging a piece of metal, and using a tiny rectangular tube drum.

Here I meet my girlfriend. Impressed by the simplest of things.




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