Magnetic Personality and the Hatred of Golf.

I am at a swimming pool with Steve. We are sat on chairs outside. There are many free chairs. Old people and families sit right next to us, even on our stairs when we stand up. It’s like we are magnetic to people.

Steve has been to the shop. He has some child’s wellies. We head to the pool. It’s really busy, lots of kids on inflatables. I have no trunks, and my underwear is made of some sort of cleaning cloth. I am too embarrassed to swim.
I am at school. In an art room I find my girlfriend’s iPad, in a glowing, fluffy pillow.
Browsing the iPad, I see that she only pretends to accept Darwinism.
Β Back at home, I regret taking the iPad, and wonder how best to return it.
There’s a knock at the door. Through a spy hole I see a mother, father and daughter. The daughter has brought me some golf clubs. I shout “hang on a second” and consider my hatred of golf.

What do you think?

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