Magnum PI and the USB Banana

I am in a car park. I look in a mirror. The reflection isn’t me. I’m terrified.

A small Chinese baby falls through a hole in the ground. I look through but can’t see her. The hole closes up, like the concrete is healing.

I am in a Georgian room. The French windows won’t close properly. I’m afraid someone will break in. Rain leaks onto my bed by the window.

Other people are there. An older woman is talking to me, advising me of the importance of this time. I am lucid dreaming. These other people are lucid dreamers too. They are here to help me. A young girl has a patch or scaly reptilian skin on her arm, in the shape of a cross.

I am in a large grey room. An evil baddy is trying to kidnap a woman. For some reason, he has a PowerPoint presentation open, and Tommy Courth is trying to fix his computer.

I go over. The screen is badly damaged. I tell him to book a Genius Bar appointment. He’s worried about his data.

Magnum PI arrives and we start to improvise some theatre, I discuss monkeys drinking tea. Then Magnum produces a banana with a USB stick embedded in it. He takes the hard drive from the baddy’s computer, and plugs it into the banana. He has the baddies plans. He know it is finished. I fall into a square hole in the grass. And I awake.



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