The Singing Machine


The country is under attack. I mark with red the wooden carvings of faces that are my calendar. I’m looking for the US flag. It’s tiny. I enlarge it. I feel strangely patriotic and start to sing the British national anthem. I follow the queen through a large wood panelled room, she’s my mother, and it seems strange not to be singing “God bless my gracious mum”.

We reach a window.

On a rooftop is a bunker. This is where the queen lands. We step outside. There are huge flying cranes, of the construction variety.

A small lost child appears. We have another child in our group so I invite her to join us. I explain that I too am lost, thousands of miles from home.

I open doors for the queen. We defeat the English version of Rudolf Hess who tried to overthrow the government.

I talk to my colleagues, saying how no one will know what we have achieved, if only there was a writer in our group to tell the story.

I see a synth panel on an outside, stone wall. It sings to me like a choir of angels.

I cry at the beauty of this singing machine.



One thought on “The Singing Machine

  1. God bless your gracious mum,
    she rules over everyone,
    she gives you pocket money.
    God bless your gracious mum,
    You wear her crown for fun,
    she’s your queenie mummy.


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