Dr Who and the Glass Walled Toilet

I am in a landrover. Dr who is making it speed up as I go around tight corners. I only slow down as I approach a single lane hump back bridge, with a slow moving Morris Minor trying to overtake another car coming towards me.

I talk to Rob Hancock about this, as we walk through a field of dismantled toilets and chairs. He’s waiting for a new colleague who is joining our team. This new guy isn’t very well, or what I was expecting. He doesn’t fit the team.

Myself and Ed Henley rescue a German Shepherd guide dog, locked into glass walled public toilets attached to Dr Who’s secret hideout.

The Dr is unhappy. We have damaged his wall. His enemies can get in. We go inside. There are two huge doors wedged open with sleepers. Every entrance is wedged open.

The Dr does not like this. He waves his hands, and they slam shut. A glass lift gently lands, granting access to a hotel beyond. I am careful to mind the steps as I walk down to reception.



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